Soft, simple, and made in Europe


FIVEMOREMINUTES was created out of love and appreciation for honest products. We wish to make high quality bedding that will last you a long time and truthfully become softer and shinier with each washing. With this in mind we decided to use linen as material for our baby bedding. Flax linen is a cultivated plant that is grown, processed and turned into textiles here in Europe. In August 2017 we started out travelling around Europe seeking out the right supplier – one that could handle as many steps in manufacturing as possible. Not only with the sole purpose of simplifying our supply chain but more importantly to reduce the amount of transport. We have succeeded in doing so and the result is a Danish designed, functional, naturally organic and sustainable set of bedding for babies. FIVEMOREMINUTES is founded by designers Ditte Marie & Julia and
marketer/concept-guy, Peter.


Sustainability means first and foremost reducing our use of natural resources in order to protect the environment. It branches out and affects the choices we make. We choose linen because of its many incredible natural properties such as:

  • Linen is grown without the use of irrigation
  • Linen is grown without the use of pesticides
  • Linen is naturally biodegradable
  • The cultivated area of flax linen yields significantly more per acre than e.g. cotton
  • No waste of resources – the whole plant is used for different purposes
  • Linen is an incredibly durable material – in fact its about four times as durable as cotton
  • Our design is timeless making it relevant for many years to come – even generations perhaps

FIVEMOREMINUTES is working with just two suppliers. Both of them are located in EU where there are strict requirements regarding production facilities and general working conditions. This ensures a simple supply chain and more importantly, we reduce the amount of transport


By making good choices about material, we wish to encourage more people to be conscious about where and how these materials come to life. In keeping with our curiosity and interest in materials and philosophy around sustainable production, our vision is clear. We want to bring back the production of flax linen to Denmark. In the effort to become more knowledgeable about linen and all of its usability and recyclability we have made it our mission to experiment with growing, processing and producing our own flax linen.